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Some thoughts about composing

I have been composing all my life, since I was a child and first started to play piano. In the classical music genre, composing has traditionally been viewed as something quite mystified, ”a work of genius” or something else exaggerating, and great composers have been placed on a pedestal. Luckily that kind of thinking has shifted and become a bit outdated. Personally I would like people to see composing as something normal and accessible. I believe composing is as natural as inventing a story: if you learn the language (of music), anyone can do it.

Sara Larikka: ”Stream” for violin and piano (2021)

Even though I have composed for so long, my first published compositions came out only a few years ago. I have been shy to bring my work public partly because I used to be slightly blinded by the outdated ideas I described in the beginning. I thought that my voice wouldn’t be special enough to deserve to be heard. Recently I found new self-confidence in the matter and I would like to encourage other ”closet composers” to do the same.

Sara Larikka: Vaikutelmia (Impressions, 2021): 1. Aamukaste (Morning Dew)

The main point of my work is to bring beauty, emotion and wonder to the World. My art is all about enjoyment. I believe that by experiencing beauty and great emotion we can grow as people and do better in other areas of life. In today’s world, there’s a lot of things to worry about. The climate crisis, global pandemia, the war in Ukraine – there’s a lot that brings despair in the modern times. However, I still strongly believe that happiness and hope have an important place in our lives and are greatly needed for us to survive in the depths of it all.

Sara Larikka: Vaikutelmia (Impressions, 2021): 2. Transsi (Trance)

I have released mostly piano music so far, because it’s my own instrument and thus composing to piano comes naturally to me. I have quite intuitive, hands-on approach to composing, and I like to play everything I invent straight away and test everything by the piano myself.

Sara Larikka: Vaikutelmia (Impressions, 2021): 3. Syysvalssi (Autumn Waltz)

I have been influenced by many styles and composers, but just to name a few: impressionism, (post)romanticism, film music, minimalism, new age, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Alexander Scriabin, Frédéric Chopin, Yann Tiersen, Erik Satie, Enrique Granados, Jean Sibelius, Heino Kaski.

Sara Larikka: Three Radiant Études (2018): 1. Toccata of Light
Sara Larikka: Three Radiant Études (2018): 2. Rain
Sara Larikka: Three Radiant Études (2018): 3. Moon Thrill

The sheet music of my composition Three Radiant Études can be bought online at:

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